Upstream Digital Oilfield Service

Digital Oil Field Solution – V-PETRO

Integrated O&G Evaluation Software

Production Forecast

Decline Curve Analysis

Type Curve Analysis

Economic Evaluation

O&G Price Scenario, Investment, OPEX, Development Plan, and Fiscal System functions applied

Field Management & Technical Service

EHG with local dedicated partners provides extensive Field Services to establish Digital Oilfield. We have various professional technology and services including field data interpretation, monitoring, procurement, installation and product sales for successful oil and gas field operation.

Decline Curve Analysis

G&G Data Gathering & Interpretation

Development Planning

EPC Advisory Service

Real Time Monitoring of Field Properties

Remote Control & SCADA

Unitization Strategy Planning

Environmental Due Diligence

Integrated Reservoir Management

Production/Engineering Service

Due Diligence & Data Room Survey

Field Development/Operation Planning

DST/Well Test Interpretation

Reservoir Simulation Studies (Multiphase/Single Phase/EOR

Phase Behavior & PVT Analysis

Production Monitoring/Optimization/Engineering

Drilling and Development Wells Design

Decline Curve Analysis/MBE (Material Balance)

Horizontal/Vertical Well Placement

EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), Water Flooding

Data Visualization