SOC Investment advisory

Cooperation with Investment Institutions

Private Fund Management/Advisory Service for Financial Institutions

Mediation between Energy Company and Financial Institution

Project Fund, PEF, Placement Agent

Energy Company M&A/Equity Acquisition

RBF (Reserve Based Finance) Planning, Advisory Service

SOC Investment Advisory Service Area

Lecture and Training

● Energy Business Training
● Manpower Assistance & Cooperation
● Technical Advice & Training
● Regular Advisory Service

Project Diagnostic Consulting

●Reviewing and Consulting Service for Outsourcing Project

Evaluation Consulting

●3rd Party Review, Literature Survey, Adjacent Field Data Analysis
● Geology Analysis, Reserves Evaluation, Production Planning, Economical Modeling
● Exploration/Development/Production Planning Evaluation, Cost Analysis, CAPEX, Deal Structure Investigation
● Logging/Production Data Analysis
●Project Valuation


● Production Optimization, Integrated Project Evaluation Modeling
● Expertise Technical Data Analysis e.g. Geostatistics

Due Diligence and Negotiation

● Data Room Survey, Technical Data Inspection
● Due Diligence, Environmental Survey, Infrastructure Survey
● Local Situation, Negotiation Supporting

Technical Management Consulting

● Management
● On-site Operation Supervision, Technical Issue , Technical Advisory Service, Exploration/Development/Production Planning, Reporting

Integrated Long-term Consulting

● Total Solution Including Project Evaluation, Due Diligence, Negotiation, Management


● Project Sourcing
● Fund Structuring, Co-investor Organizing
● the 3rd Party Verification and Negotiation Agency Service
● Governmental Supporting Policy/ Various Declaration Agency
● Farm-In/Farm-Out Agency Service

Environmental Safety Consulting

● ESA Report Evaluation
● ESM Advisory Service