Our People


Howard Park (Founder & CEO, Ph.D)

Dr. Howard Park is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Holdings Group, a first established and leading energy investment and consulting company in Korea. He is an expert in strategy & investment consulting and technical management of energy business.


He founded Energy Holdings Group, Inc. in 2004 and has been working on energy & resources business in the area of upstream, midstream and renewable energy servicing investment & technical consulting, engineering & solutions and R&D, and strategic consulting for companies and government bodies in Korea.


Coping with the digital transformation and energy mix era, he has also established various joint ventures with domain experts in solar power(Sun Energy Partners), smart environment services(Eco Energy Solutions) etc.


Dr. Howard earned his BS/MS/PhD from Seoul National University in Petroleum Engineering and was a visiting scholar in University of Southern California. He was awarded ‘achievement award’ from Korea government in 2013 and also awarded ‘technology prize’ from The Korean Society of Mineral and Energy Resources Engineers in 2017.


Kyoyoung Jin (Managing Director, MS.c and MBA)

Mr. Kyoyoung Jin has been working on research planning, IoT signal processing and communication technology for development of digital oilfield.

Previously he has worked in Disol Inc. as a vice president and many global smart device manufacturing companies which located in United States, cooperating with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. His research mostly focused on developing major electrical system and line modules for smart telecommunication device.

He has also worked at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Samsung Electro-Mechanics as a team leader at his early career.


He earned his MS degree from Stevens Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and MBA from UC Berkeley.


Eddy Kangshik Hong (Director)

Eddy has been working on corporate finance, investment evaluation and energy & environmental feasibility analysis.

Before joining EHG, he had worked in Daejung Chemical&Metal as CSO and Moreens as CFO. He also worked for LG U+ at his early career and he has joined the presidental campaign 2007.


He earned his BS degree from Seoul National University in Business Administration.


Eugene Rhyu  (CSO, MSc.)

Mr. Eugene Rhyu has been working on strategic investment and development of international business in energy sector and many related area.

He spent more than 15 years to lead and develop asset management strategy and real estate consulting services in many international business area. Previously he has worked at Mille 21 Co as a manager and provided leasing services, expansion its division to credit card business in partnership with KB Credit card at his early career. He has also worked in Allit& Co. as a director and won sales right on staffware business process management system.


He earned his MS degree from New York University, Stern School in Economics and BS degree from Pepperdine University in Economics.


Victoria Kwak (Senior Researcher, Head of HR)

Victoria has over 15 years’ experience of research and business development in the area of oil and gas and infrastructure industry.  She was a former researcher of InterBarrel, Inc. and led many research project and its related business.
She has an extensive knowledge in economic analysis of energy assets and has involved in various research projects granted by government including digital oilfield and shale gas development.


She earned her BS in Earth Science Education at Ewha Womans University.


Daewon Kim (Head of Investment Div,  MSc.)

Mr. Daewon Kim has been working on developing attractive alternative investment opportunities for institutional investors in Korea. He started his career as investment banker in charge of equity/mezzanine investment/leveraged financing at Woori Bank and moved to lead Structured Finance team at Hana Financial investment.


He earned his B.S and M.S from Yonsei University in Business Administration and Accounting.


Justin Kim (Head of R&D, Engineering, MSc.)

Mr. Justin Kim has been working in research and commercial development of solutions and products applicable for oil field.

He spent more than 15 years working in technical and economic evaluation of upstream assets, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies. Previously, at Petronas, the Malaysian NOC, he was engaged in near field evaluation and prospect generation as a Sr. Geoscientist and at Korea Gas Corp.(KOGAS), he had participated in technical evaluation of various E&P projects including Iraq Akkas gas field operation, Canada shale/tight gas evaluation, Uzbekiatan Uzunkui seismic survey, Myanmar A1-A3, JPDA 06-102, Indonesia Krueng-Mane and Mozambique Area 4 and he has also worked at Samsung and KOIST at his early career.


He earned his BS/MS from Seoul National University in Earth Science (Geophysics).


Jun Lee (Upstream Manager/Researcher, MSc.)

Mr. Jun Lee has been working in transaction advice, project evaluation, reserves evaluation, financial modeling & valuation, due diligence, O&G field analysis, research and consulting services.

Prior to EHG, he worked at Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) as a researcher at resource development team. He participated various project related unconventional resources such as shale gas, tight gas, CBM, etc.


He earned his BS/MS from Hanyang University in Petroleum Engineering.


IlSik Jang (Advisor, Petroleum Engineering, PhD.Risk Analysis/Technology Research)

Dr. Il Sik Jang is a professor of Petroleum Engineering at Chosun University. He is an outside partner who supports various projects that EHG performs.


He worked at KNOC as a researcher and was involved in various tasks including reservoir simulation research, fractured reservoir modeling, oil-sand production research, hydraulic fracturing and well testing. He performed over 20 projects (North-America, Peru, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, North Sea, etc.) of reserves evaluation.


Seoul National University, BSc, MSc, PhD in Petroleum Engineering

1. 최종_홍준용 사장님 (Jay hong

Jay Hong (Advisor, CEO of Sonoma Resources Ltd)

Mr. Jay Hong is a CEO of Sonoma Resources Inc which specializes in providing corporate advisory, global sales & marketing agent in Energy Sector. He is an outside partner who supports various projects that EHG performs.


He spent more than 20 years to lead and develop financial transaction and asset management, strategic advisory in many international business area including energy sector. Previously he has worked at Korea Exchange Bank as a assistant vice president in project finance & M&A team and has been successfully developed many major privatization transaction in power sector. He has also worked in Hyundai Investment Network as a Managing Director and Executive Vice President in White Whale Group (WWG) and has managed firm’s entire overseas business activities.


He earned his BS from University of Wisconsin Madison in Economics/ International Relations with Trade Finance Emphasis