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Digital Oilfield Data Acquisition in Real-Time

DoDart ® gauge is slim style digital pressure gauge which can be applied to any field and plant for monitoring real-time pressure. Compared to other digital pressure gauges, DoDart is ultralight, slim style and able to transfer wide range operation condition with competitive price. DoDart has been installed at the US/Canada oilfield (crossfield-Harvest Asset) and successfully conducted field application test. DoDart also provides H/W-S/W convergence system which can be controlled by main control center in remote area.


Investment Consulting

EHG provides Integrated Agency Services to all investors interested in investing in oil and gas projects.
In addition, we promise to provide customized services through utilizing our global networking and strategic alliances group.


Strategic ConsultingStrategic

Consulting of Energy/Resources Business

EHG provides Global Strategic Consulting Services of energy resources services to assist in strategy establishment
for investment/finance/management, etc.


Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

EHG provides Technical Consulting Services mainly in E&P Upstream Business Sector.


Research & Training

Research & Develoment

EHG has been actively participating in government R&D projects in regards to E&P Project Evaluation, Unconventional Natural Resources such as Shale Gas and CBM development technology and so on and so forth through EHG’s affiliated Research Center. 

Lecture & Training

EHG provides Lectures and Training Services to various Governmental Organizations, Public and Private Companies in Korea.


Digital Oil Field Solution

EHG is in a midst of developing Digital Oilfield System for Automation and Standardizationof Oil and Gas Fields
through our private evaluation tool called “VPetro”
which enables to evaluate both Conventional and Unconventional Oil and Gas Fields.

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Experience of Energy Holdings Group

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Extensive global and domestic networking

Provided Technical and Strategic Consulting Services and facilitated over 80% of total private E&P investments sector in Korea for past 6 years

Total transaction value over $3.2billion as of 2017

We Deliver Custom Investing Strategies


A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a field and has a knowledge.


A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a field and has a knowledge.


We'll help you set new business priorities, plans for growth, or plan investment decisions.

Renewable Energy

Competence, Honesty, Integrity – these definitions characterize our employees in the best way.


The first rule of our business is to retain clients and build a loyal relationship with them.