EHG at a Glance

Energy Holdings Group, Inc. (EHG), founded in 2004, is the first energy resources investment and technical consulting company based in Seoul, Korea. Consisting of top-tier experts with in-depth knowledge & experience from energy resources industries, EHG is the best & most unique knowledge-based leading oil and gas service company in Korea.

EHG’s service portfolio consists of technical and economic evaluation of potential projects, transaction advisory service, strategic development planning, fund raising, PM & field operation, R&D, and investment brokerage. EHG provides key support to the E&P companies, institutional and private investors, asset management companies and energy resources companies for their successful decision making.


Understanding that state-of-the-art technology is a key for successful investment in E&P business, EHG has established its affiliated R&D Center which has been certified by the Korean Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) since 2010. Currently, EHG has been actively participating in government R&D projects in regards to E&P Project Evaluation, Unconventional Natural Resources such as Shale Gas and CBM development technology and so on and so forth through EHG’s affiliated Research Center which is sponsored by Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) under Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.


EHG currently operates an information hub-center in Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world. EHG also plans to establish additional information hub-centers in Jakarta and Almaty to better provide fruitful & quality investment opportunities harvested from all around the world.


Starting with technical advisory role on the 1st Government Oil Fund with underlying asset of KNOC’s Vietnam offshore oil field back in 2006, EHG has facilitated over 80% (with over $1.6 billion sized) of all Korean private sector investments into drilling participation programs, acquisition & divestiture of E&P companies. Currently, we are trying to expand our service portfolio into mining business, field operation and development, hydraulic fracturing drilling services in addition to training and education services. To achieve its goal, EHG created Drilling Services International, drilling services joint venture with HanJin D&B which is a worldwide leading drilling rig manufacturer, KEI Operating, E&P operating joint venture with Prime Energy which is one of the largest 100 E&P independents in the States, and Eco Energy Solutions, shale gas environmental monitoring equipment developing joint venture with GIST which is a municipal R&D center in Korea.

As a leading Technical Advisory Company, EHG promises to do its best for successful partnership with you.