(2018 Mar) EcoEnergySolutions ltd. had 2018 1st K-water Start-up Cooperation Agreement Ceremony.

Dr Howard Park, president & founder of Energy Holdings Group and EcoEnergySolutions. has participated in 2018 1st K-water Start-up Cooperation Agreement Ceremony in 14th March 2018. EcoEnergySolutions (Family company of Energy Holdings Group, hereby referred to as E2S) and K-water had an cooperation agreement in various sectors.

1. K-water supports E2S the technical support & consulting to improve completeness of L-LIBS, real-time water contaminated elements analyzing device.
2. K-water will cooperate E2S to gather sample from river, lake in domestic area
3. K-water supports ICP device analyzing test result to E2S
4. K-water supports E2S to install L-LIBS to Nak-dong River etc to conduct a field test and cooperates test-bed research for real-time monitoring in further.