(2017, Nov) KNOC will Provide its Oil & Gas Field to the Private Sector for Field Testbed Purpose


Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC) and Korean Society of Mineral and Energy Resources Engineers (KSGE) co-hosted Energy Development Technology Strategy Special Symposium to respond global energy market fluctuation and new government energy policies. KNOC announced they will open KNOC owned energy resources development site to private sector for testbed purposes and plan to expand those cases.


Woosung Jin, Shale Gas Team Manager of KNOC, stated that it is possible to utilize O&G field testbed as a sharing platform by convergence between energy resources related businesses and energy development technology. He also stated that it will become more innovative opportunities for other business areas such as ICT, shipbuilding & marine engineering, steel pipe manufacturers etc, if KNOC provides their field, equipment, human resources and business experiences.


Recently KNOC provides one of its resources development field in Canada to Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) and Energy Holdings Group. KOGAS and Energy Holdings Group utilize KNOC’s resources development field as testbed for developing shale gas exploration technology and digital oilfield technology purposes


Mr Brandon Lee, CTO of Energy Holdings Group stated that Many Canadian companies expressed a lot of interest in deep learning technology and its field equipment predictive analysis technology to apply into the many energy resources exploration sites. He also stated that the cooperation between foreign entities, companies and Korean technology and manufacturing companies has to be increased in the future.


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